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1. Benefits of Oasis Hybrid
2. How to Buy a Lot or House
     Using Oasis Concepts

3. Oasis House Protects from
     Natural Disaster
4. Passive Solar Heating and

5. Active Solar Heating and Hot Water
6. Fresh Water through Rainwater
7. Gray Water Collection and Recycling

     * What Is The Oasis Hybrid Home - Part 1

What Is The Oasis Hybrid Home?
Video - Part 2

Dear Subscribers,

      Here's the next section of the informal video presentation. 

      Also, on our home page we have posted a TV interview from KWYB that gives a good overview of the Oasis Hybrid Home.

     I look forward to answering any questions you may have or learning about your experiments with renewable energy. You can reach me at pouwel@oasishybridhomes.com

      Hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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     Our newsletter is a free contribution to encourage education and grassroots discussion with the goal to better the earth for us and future generations.

     Thank you for taking your time to read this newsletter! I hope you will come back to visit us next month.

Oasis Hybrid Home Is For Sale

       The first and famous Oasis Hybrid Home, which has drawn a widespread attention through newspaper and magazine articles as well as TV broadcastings, is now for sale. The architect and builder of that first Oasis Hybrid Home, Pouwel Gelderloos has personally, with his family, worked and lived in the home for two years. All systems have proven to be performing reliably and superbly.

       Because of its new and revolutionary design, Pouwel is giving a five year warranty period on the house. (That is five times the norm in the industry!!!) Additionally, the new owners of the house will have hot line access to Pouwel's resourceful brain for consultation and education over the same period of five years. All systems in the house have detailed drawings on how they are put together and also come with operation/maintenance manuals.

        The sale of this home will facilitate the building of a second one and clean up our atmosphere, 1,300 tons of carbon emission if the house survived for 100 years. (The average American household creates 13 tons of carbon emission a year to heat and light the home.)

Call for help

     If you are in the market for an existing home or are looking for a lot to build a new one and would like my assistance in evaluating the property for maximum element-gathering capabilities, please contact me at 406-223-1406.  You can also contact me if you would like help with any of the elements explained above, or to build your own oasis hybrid home, which is designed to include all the above considerations and custom-fitted to your site location.

Ask A Question

     Please join me for the tour and fire off your questions for our frequently asked questions and answers to pouwel@oasishybridhomes.com


Pouwel Smiling
Pouwel Gelderloos, Designer,
Builder and Founder
of Oasis Hybrid Homes.com





Snow by Oasis Hybrid Home
Oasis Hybrid Home
Emigrant Montana





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Pouwel measuring temperature in the greenhouse
Pouwel measuring the temperature

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