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Welcome to the first
complete element harvesting home on the market!

       When living in this home, there are no bad weather days. Whether the sun shines the wind blows the rain pours or the snow blankets this house, the elements are being harvested for heating, cooling, electrical, and domestic warm and cold water. And all this without spending a dime! And as an added bonus you can grow your own food year round!

       What makes this design stand out from any other is the effortless way major energy savings yet it allows the owners to choose their own lifestyle at any time without restrictions.

Our mission statement:

  • To create the home that harmonizes with the earth and her people.

  • To empower our customers to live their answer to planetary pollution and risky grid dependency.

  • To empower our customers to graduate towards living independently and off the grid, without the growing pains.

We invite you to an exclusive tour

and to explore the systems integral

to the Oasis Hybrid Home project,

which makes this lifestyle possible.



This structure is designed to capture the sun’s warmth through an attached sunroom/greenhouse and store that heat in thermal mass. (Concrete floors, rock, sand, soil, brick and water)

The fourteen inch walls and super insulated roof aid in keeping the desired temperature in the house and to keep the cold and heat out in a climate where temperatures can vary between sub-zero and one hundred ten.


A system of hydronic piping in the stained concrete floors and circulating pumps distributes the heating or cooling throughout the house, resulting in a very comfortable even temperature throughout the house in every season.

Additionally an “anti-stratification” duct work system creates a thermal loop distributing warmer air from under the vaulted ceiling to the north side rooms in the house.

The evacuated tube solar collector on the roof, the passive solar gain and the Finish style “masonry mass oven” all work effortlessly together to keep the house comfortable, prioritizing the use of Mother Nature's clean and free gifts first. This makes the evaporating gas fired boiler a virtual luxury and a back-up which will assist in heating only if necessary.

Cooling is achieved by circulating warmer air over the 50--60 degree rain water collection tanks which are stored underground.




All precipitation is harvested by an innovative roof structure, then gathered in a solar heated gutter to be piped and stored in underground holding tanks for fresh water usage after filtering.

With a storage capacity of 10,000 gallons, this system can provide for a family's water use if the choice is to use water conservatively.

Water saving fixtures limit over consumption or wasteful habits.


This system gives priority to the usage of the natural resources coming off the roof and it has a seamless back up to a conventional water supply, which does not force a restrictive  life-style unto the inhabitants.

As an additional benefit, the storage capability can be outfitted to provide fire protection.


The gray water is recycled through an attached greenhouse planter and after filtering piped to the dual flush toilets.

Water heating is made possible by an evacuated tube solar collector mounted on the roof which is seamlessly backed up by a 98% efficient evaporated boiler.


A wind generator along with a solar panel array is supplying the house with the necessary power for a modern lifestyle.

Energy efficient light bulbs and soft start pumps are doing their job with the minimum of wattage.

The conventional power grid is connected as a back-up and will seamlessly charge the batteries only when needed, so that the owner never has to worry about being without electricity.


With this arrangement it becomes the inhabitant's choice as to the degree of savings to the bank account and the environment.  We have found that we can either substantially reduce or even eliminate our electric bills.



The attached atrium, or sun room, is a passive solar heat collector and a beautiful architectural addition to the living room. It is also the ideal place to grow fruits and vegetables as it is automatically watered by the subsurface irrigation system.



  • This house is conventionally beautiful in the most traditional sense.  It does not have a hippy feel to it, but rather tremendous curb appeal.

  • People who want to make energy consumption changes without making lifestyle changes can do so effortlessly.  This makes it attractive to the mainstream consumer, who no longer has to fear going green at his or her own personal expense.

  • Because this house looks so normal and is seamlessly connected with all the conventional energy systems including water, electric and gas—banks have no problem approving loans to buyers.  Therefore, conventional mortgage financing should always be available for you and potential buyers.

  • At the same time, the owner continuously saves money and benefits the planet with the way the house gives first priority to use of the renewable energy features.



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